Facts of life

I knew Mahmoud Mohieldeen (Minister of Investment) back in the day when he was a university professor. He taught us a subject entitled “Money and Banking” or at least he claimed he did. Truth of the matter is I don’t think I’ve ever had this guy explain any economics to me, yet his was one of the most attended classes because he was quite the charismatic performer. He used to talk about loadz of topics and constantly made fun of himself and the students present and on rare occassions he preached us on the facts of life.

This was one of those times. He was talking about something else, then suddenly paused in mid-sentence and launched into this monologue.

“Amazing how all the important decisions of one’s life are taken at such a young age. These days you are faced with having to decide what faculty to go to, a decision that effects the rest of your life. You decide what to major, whether or not to intern, where to work. You make all these decisions at such a young age, where you have little to no experience and are unwise and not fully mature.

At this time you may fall in love, even decide to marry, you go to your parents and there is parental opposition, for some reason there always is.

You stick to what you believe in, only to discover years later that some things in life are worth fighting for.”

That’s it.

I attended hundreds of lectures in our faculty, but none remain as fresh in my memory as his version of the facts of life.

Song of the day: Bon Jovi – It’s My Life


11 thoughts on “Facts of life

  1. By the way, Mohi El Din has a very bad image as a government official now.

    People look at him as the man “selling” the country (in a bad way). That is because of the last three privatization deals were very fishy.

  2. oops, i forgot to mention,,, 2004,,

    I didn’t have the chance to attend any lecture for Mohi el Din, but in one of the sessions for the model of the stock market, he was giving parts of it, he was very charismatic.

  3. Nousha: Yeah dear, eldonya soghayarra GEDAN.

    KE Liew: LOL. You should have heard some of his other speeches.

    Lubna: Yeah, his class was always interesting.

    Welcome to my blog.

  4. Fadfadation: depends who ur talking about. To some people he’s selling their dream in the 50s & 60s..the “Public Ownership” dream..which needless to say turned into a disaster.
    To others, he’s saving what can be saved.
    From a very good source: he’s the most hard-working person the Egypt’s government today.

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