Waste Basket

Got bored of the scenery in the Shooting club so we decided to take our night stroll in the streets of Mohandseen. BIG MISTAKE. Putting aside how crowded the streets are, the inconsistent hight of the pavement forcing you into more excercise than you had planned, and the snide remarks thrown at you by passerbys. All this would have been barely ok if it wasn’t for this final thing. We bought juice cans to take with us as we walked, upon the completion of the thirst- quenching juice we were lost for a waste basket.

I mean REALLY. They can charge us an additional two pounds at the gates of the speedway, pump up the price of gasoline, yet they don’t have the common sense or the decency to have a single wastebasket in a long and major Mohandseen road!!!!!!! I no longer can blame people for chucking their garbage in the street, its not like there are other options. We ended up holding the cans for the entire duration of the trip!!!! In the words of the infamous Jerry McGuire “HELP ME HELP YOU” for God’s sake!!!

Song of the day: Nickleback – Photograph


6 thoughts on “Waste Basket

  1. Hey .. I was in mohandsein yesterday too .. it was too crowded “dunno why”.. sounds like everyone decided to hang out yesterday!!

    & as for the waste baskets.. I hate this, there’re no waste baskets ANYWHERE,and when they are.. they are kind of camouflaged so you never notice them unless you strain your eyes scanning the area … and they smell too

    what happens to civilzation

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