Went to see Sandra’s movie over the long weekend. “The Hostage” Elrahina offers a very Western form of entertainment. Sandra could be directing the next Bond flick for the weakness of the story and unrealism and extraordinariness of the events. Movie is written by Nabil Farouk (did any of you read “Ragol Elmosta7eel” growing up?) and the characters are very inspired by his older work. Ahmed Ezz plays a working class unemployment victim who travels abroad to live the European Dream and gets involved in attempting to save kidnapped Egyptian Noble Prize winner.

Movie had potential of being good, I genuinely liked the first half.. BUT.. they’ve really overdone it. Can I please go see a movie where I am not preached to on religious unity, patriotism and overall ethics.. just once.. PLEASE.

Nour was good at her part.. very believable as a cold blooded assassin 🙂 I didn’t like Yasmine.. a bit too over for my taste.. Ezz wasn’t bad.. I’m just not used to him not being suave .. he was quite vulgar in his role.

Directing was by far the best thing about this movie.. I’m wild about Sandra. The chase scenes, albeit long, were incredible. No really, unbelievably amazing, they were believable and very well shot from all the fancy angels. You had scenes that rival those of “The Italian Job” all over the Ukranian city, a car crashing into a bus and a chopper blowing up. Go SANDRA. At one point honestly I started getting the feeling that she wasn’t making great action sequences because she had to.. rather cause SHE COULD 🙂 Very very very impressed.

Having said that.. don’t go unless you are obsessed with action movies and can bare to sit through 20 minutes of “eldeen lellah wal wattan lelgami3”. Ciao bloggerz.

P.S. Sou is walking around advertising my blog, if that’s the reason you are here, I’m sorry to dissappoint.. nobody could live up to the great things she said.

Song of the day: Everybody’s Fool


8 thoughts on “Sandra

  1. Hi Inji, I saw the movie, I share with u some points, Nour was awesome, Ezz wasn’t bad (but could be better), Yasmine was also a bit too much for me, the chases were good but extremely long, all in all not the greatest movie, it is watch-able, but I expected it a better one 😦

  2. Hey Inji, I saw this movie the day before Eid ,, the only reason I saw an arabic movie was that Kofta wanted so much to go to a movie and there wasn’t any english movies being shown 🙂

    I loved Nour , Yasmine was not that bad too .. too much but I like her sense of humour ..

    The directing is great, but the story is essentially not for adult-viewing, rated CV “Child View”

    Moreover, They distorted the main characters of Raggol el mosta7eel .. although I am more Malaf el Most2bal Kind of guy .. but I got my share from Raggol el Mosta7eel as well ..

    The Overall rating in ma book would be 6 out of 10 .. sorry can’t give it any more!

    & Congrats for the Free Ad. 🙂 Lucky Ya.. I envy ya .. and you managed to live up to what sou has said .. so COM’ON .. I luff your blog

  3. i recoomend you watching ” Matab Sena3y” starring Ahmed Helmy, sound tracks are great,so hillarious and puts u in a real good natural mood.
    i knew that El Rahina is not great, people were encouraged by Malaky Iskendria movie,bas ma3lesh
    try Matab Sena3y or Ma7atet Masr

  4. Unfortunatly most of the movies HAVE TO stress religious unity and anti-terrorism messages, because it may be that this is the only chance some morons from our country get to understand those things!

    As for the helicopter they blew up, they should have saved that and used it for medical emergencies in Egypt!LOL)..but realy.. how the hell do we not have a helicopter medical fleet to help people in accidents and so on, on the Sahrawy and crowded areas!!!! hmmm, i think i’ll have to write about this thought in my blog 😉

  5. plz i want the name of the song which has been singing in el rahina film……. its like “romantica” i dont know but i think
    its russian song .

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