Royal Date

Dress, makeup & heels! This is so not me
I’m a nike-denim girl, totally carefree
But I am going for it.. just for you
I’d change a lot more than clothes if you asked me to
I cant imgaine that you are mine
In your perfectness..utterly divine
Will this date ever work? can it really be true?
Will you stick to your promises? will you follow through?
Will you ever love me as much as i do?
What a fool I am, you probably don’t have a clue
How much I wanted you since the first day i saw you
Could it be possible that you’ve wanted me too?
Oh dear Lord please give me strength!
For in every step my heart does wrench
I turn a corner and can finally see you
In shorts and sandals, awww, you’ve changed for me too!

(Co-written with a charming princess).

Song of the day (a 2007 comeback element): Rob Thomas – Ever the same


7 thoughts on “Royal Date

  1. That’s lovely 🙂
    Quite interestingly, the whole thought process is virtually the same for both genders (though gents a somewhat less likely to go buy a new dress 🙂

    Remember american pie’s “do you think she will prefer… (getting his two hairs to the back) “serious Jim”? Or (getting the same two hairs to the front “cool laid-back Jim”? That’s almost it :o)

    Happy new year, dear!

  2. OpeRon: 3alla tool rafe3 ma3naweyaty.. this was co-written.. I take no credit for it.

    Tarek: Welcome to my humble abode. Yup.. 😀

    Mohamed: Happy New Year to you too.. was hoping to see you.. but no such luck.. 😦 If you don’t make a pit stop here soon I’ll have to come find you 😀

    LOL on the American Pie scene.

  3. i loved this piece, never expected its end, you’re amazingly describing a feeling of a girl in love
    congrats, u managed to make me read poetry again,something i stopped doing years ago

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