My girl

I woke up Friday morning to the following sms “I got engaged last night, may you all be equally blessed” from my best friend. Now I’m an insider, a person in the loop, and this is the first I’d heard of this knight who’d swept her off her feet. My initial reaction was “hell no, I’m being punked and it’s waaaaaaaaay too early”. I called her.

Me: Is this for real… cause if this is a prank message I’m gonna kill you 🙂

She: No it’s for real.. I can’t get any sleep get your ass over here.

An hour later I’m honking the car horn infront of her house (she lives on the other side of town.. curses).

She comes down looking fabulous. I’ve never seen her glow like that. She had photos already. We went to Casper and Gambinis City Stars for breakfast. I got to hear the whole tale, see the photos, put away a huge portion of great pancakes.

We shopped till we dropped. I finally found a watch I like; bought it on the spot.. Shopping in numbers is always great for the shopping and bad for the wallet. I had missed my girl so much.

 After prayer he decides to meet up with us early birds. He’s a nice guy.. and I seldom like my girl’s guys (jealous and possesive I guess). Yet this guy seems genuinely sweet. May she be this happy forever.. rabena yetammem bekheir… and in her words “May all you single people out there be equally blessed in the new year.”


9 thoughts on “My girl

  1. OpeRon: I thought about that.. but I just couldn’t.. some people you just can’t be mad at.. plus I’m soooo happy for her… and I miss her sooo much. Just seeing her smile won me over. Remind me to tell y’all more about her at a later date.. we’ve known each other since I was born.. literally.. so 24 years is A LOT 😀

  2. Y does all best friends doo that !!!!!!!! grrrrrrr
    My best friend did the same thing too. I received a phone call from him: ” Mosh ana areit fat7a embare7 ? ” . Leaving me in a speechless state.
    You just enter in a dilemma of whether to be angry & mad or to be happy, and you’ll never have the guts to be mad. Happiness will overwhelm you.

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