Dog ethics

I saw the darnest thing last night on my way home from work. We park our cars in an empty lot opposite the building. There was this dog hopping around, he had one of his forepaws held close to his chest as if broken and he was wobbeling on the other three begging passerbyes for bits of the munchies they were chowing down. So far very normal, then the instant the people walked away the dog stretches his legs then broke into a full fledged run on ALL FOUR PAWS. I couldn’t believe it.. the little swindler. I’d never seen a con-dog before, but I was impressed with the scham. Even the dogs are now beggers faking disabilities. Congratulations humans, we’ve just managed to teach our dogs the worst manners possible. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

On another comment.. what do you think of the new header? I would like to take this opportunity to thank the one and only Sou for being the creative artist behind that great header.


5 thoughts on “Dog ethics

  1. I love the heading,, really nice
    About the dog, ma3lesh, heya di masr ya abla… do u think this dog is just smart? walla el masreyeen ba`o nassabein mo7tarefeen? or was it just playing?
    kheir kheir

  2. Belya: 3ammar ya masr fe3lan.

    OpeRon: Glad you like the header.

    Nousha: I think it was a case of monkey see monkey do. 🙂

    Maxxed Out: I wouldn’t be too surprised 😉

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