5 things nobody knows about moi (can’t believe I’m doing this tagg)

Tagged by OpeRon.

This took quite a bit of thought.. here you go:

1) I honestly believe that Rowling based Hermoine Granger on my childhood, where else would you find a brilliant annoying geeky know-it-all teacher’s pet?? Where?

2) I’m excessively paranoid when it comes to my health, I always think things are worse than they are.

3) I always solve my exams back to front, I also read newspapers and magazines that way.

4) I played the saxophone for 6 month before deeming it a lost cause.

5) I always hate book endings… always.. irrespective of the book or author.. I’m under the arrogant notion that they (or of course I) could’ve done better.

OK tagged everybody on my blogroll and anybody who would be bothered.


8 thoughts on “5 things nobody knows about moi (can’t believe I’m doing this tagg)

  1. Injis… No.1 cracked me up, seriously i laughed out loud… we share no.2… shame about the sax, that’s very cool… i love jazz. me too, i hate book endings, i always feel as though some one abruptly pushed me off a cliff. 🙂
    oh no, does this mean i’m tagged! I can’t think of anything interesting about me…

  2. OpeRon: Yeah… finally sat down and got to it.

    Fadfadation: I can never solve them any other way.. helps me relieve stress somehow.. I think its residues from the IGCSE days where the questions got harder as you went.. I wanted to get them out of the way before going back to the stuff I can rush through.

    Belya: YAY.

    Istas: I’m flattered you decided to drop by, I LOVE your blog. I can’t wait to read all about you.

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