100 things we didn’t know last year.

BBC’s Magazine Monitor has been tracking unexpected and interesting facts from the news. They have compiled a top 100 list of their favourite ones. You can access the whole list here. I’ve picked out some of my faves.

1. Pele has always hated his nickname, which he says sounds like “baby-talk in Portuguese”. 
 3. Urban birds have developed a short, fast “rap style” of singing, different from their rural counterparts.
12. The Pope’s been known to wear red Prada shoes.
31. The Mona Lisa used to hang on the wall of Napoleon’s bedroom.
39. The world’s fastest supercomputer will have its speed measured in “petaflops”, which represent 1,000 trillion calculations per second.
40. The medical name for the part of the brain associated with teenage sulking is “superior temporal sulcus”.
57. The word “time” is the most common noun in the English language, according to the latest Oxford dictionary.
62. Thirty-four percent of the UK has a surname that is ranked as “posher” than the Royal Family’s given name, Windsor.
72. Modern teenagers are better behaved than their counterparts of 20 years ago, showing “less problematic behaviour” involving sex, drugs and drink.
98. A “lost world” exists in the Indonesian jungle that is home to dozens of hitherto unknown animal and plant species.
100. In the 1960s, the CIA used to watch Mission Impossible to get ideas about spying.

LOL. Theme of Mission Impossible playing in the background. 😀


One thought on “100 things we didn’t know last year.

  1. aww. this list is pretty cool .. lemme comment on your chosen items…
    1. who is pele anyways, the football player?
    3. That’s somehting I would like to see.
    12. Either he’s faggy or he loves Meryl Streep … like me.
    31. Now it sits in the Louvre.
    39. LOOOOOOOOL @ Petaflops .. That’s funny.
    40. Sup. Temporal Sulcus.. I know this one .. Yet believe me , if u knew every function association with every part of brain.. u will get brain damage.
    57. when I come to think of it.. YES
    62. I hate the british
    72. Yes, Back in 1980s , they were such an outrage.. & they call us rebels!
    98. That’s a place I would like to see only on T.V
    100. Now that’s FUNNY.. Have they been that desperate!!! mafeesh as7an mn el mokhabrat el masrya 😛

    Nice article Inji.. CooooooooooooooL

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