2006; a year in review

Hallo people,

Like all years 2006 was not entirely good or entirely bad; instead it has been interesting, a roller-coaster of ups and downs. I’ll let you in on my stroll down memory lane. I started the year with an ambitious set of resolutions, some of which actually came true “Go Juka !”.

This February on my birthday a really good friend of mine passed away at the ripe age of 24. I had just seen her the weekend before and the news left me in a state of disbelief. I had a major perspective re-adjustment. She was loved and will be missed, her dying on my b-day has guaranteed her immortality in my thoughts. I’ll be praying for her this year.

This April I finally started my MBA, something I’ve been trying to do for 2 years and was at the top of my resolution list. It was a big step for me and the mark of readiness to tackle a career shift and explore new horizons.

In May I got to attend the World Economic Forum in Sharm. This was HUGE. The conference itself was fascinating, attending the actual sessions, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Also I got to stay at a fabulous hotel with great company and we got to work all day, party all night and even attend a Amr Diab concert up close and personal.

In June I got to travel to Belgium for the first time. I realize it was June but I still was cold all the time. Trip was educational and entertaining (will post the Brussels diaries soon). Chocolates was to die for and for an entire week I ate nothing but Waffles hmmm YUMMY.

My attempt to start my own business crashed and burned. Still have hope for it yet. It once again is on my resolution list.

Several of my girlfriends got married or engaged; got to buy a ton of dresses and attend a lot of events. Happy for all of them, they are all phenomenal girls and deserve all the happiness in the world. Several of my girls also gave birth this year so I’m an auntie to 2 guys and a girl (no pun intended :)).

I changed jobs FINALLY. Took 11 whole months to make this resolution come true. I love the new job elhamdollelah. Wish me luck boys and girls.

I’ve yet to find Mr. Right although by the minute the concept is seeming less and less likely. Like a good friend of mine would say “eldenya mabtedeesh me7tag”.

I got back in touch with my school best friend, we had not heard from each other in 6 years but what can I say, thank God for MSN. Reem, you know you rock.

At the start of 2006 I told people that come summertime I’d look like Jessica Simpson…. needless to say YEAH RIGHT. BUT since I managed to pull off the rest of my resolutions I’m blaming miss simpson, she’s bad luck. This year’s target is Eva Mendez 🙂 You may wish me luck, you may also extend “you already look fab. comments”.

That was my year boys and girls, how about all of yours?

Update: In my rush and excitement I forgot to mention a few other highlights. I attended my first match at the stadium when Egypt won the African Cup of Nations. I’ve written my first ever short story “Ramblings of the Disoriented Mind”. I started blogging. I met a wealth of great people. OpeRon was right.. overall 2006 wasn’t half bad.


3 thoughts on “2006; a year in review

  1. Nice post, I guess 2006 was mostly good for you with exception to some sorry events that would leave a mark in your memory… but at the end of the day, I assume 2006 was a year to remember forever ..

    I wish you to look like Eva Mendez this year.. and to meet your soul mate in the least expected way ..

    and you look already fab. 😛

    awesome post Inji, I love it

  2. I loved the post sooo much.
    Seems like 2006 was a very rich year (hoping that 007 will be much better).
    Good luck in finding ur soul mate ,, ya rab

    and btw u already look great 🙂

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