Eid Mubarak

May the holy blessings of Allah shower upon you and may you have a truly blissful and spiritual Eid Adha. Enjoy your vacations. Will be gone for a while.


5 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak

  1. first of all,i’ve to applaude ur template here which gave me so peaceful feeling
    second,thanks for dropping by my blog,
    tell me what ur interested to know more about the conference & i’ll be glad to tell 🙂

  2. hi juka, i posted my opinion about ur short story a couple of days ago…but i’m guessing you didn’t see it yet because its hidden deep inside your blog…its in the comments section of the last page the story.
    but to save you the time and effort of going there, here it is again:

    amazing stuff, juka…really creative.

    and i especially like the way you switched between scenes…if it’s ever gonna be a movie the director won’t have a hard time thinking of something new.

    i can honestly tell you i couldn’t stop reading once i started, which rarely happens to me.

  3. Sorry for the delayed responses had no net access.

    Sou: Wenty tayeba dear.

    Ragh000d: Wow, thanks, I’m kinda travel crazed and I love conferences so wanted to know what line of work this conference was in? what it was about? etc.. 🙂

    Greyscale: Thanks, I’m flattered you liked my attempt.

    OpeRon: Wenta tayeb. Thanks its a Pakistani artist 🙂

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