My Ocean

A tall slender figure standing on a remote uninhabited beach.

As the sun set it sent golden rays reflecting on the ocean and ascending to the heavens. At once the entire scene appeared to have been etched in gold. The soft sand, the water lapping on it and the sky above, all painted the same glorious shade. As if for that instant time had stopped and little else mattered.

Feet planted in the sand facing the horizon, small yet powerful steps as she waded into the water until she was knee deep. A rogue wave breaks around her and as it returns to the ocean its powerful water streams rush by her. Coming from a forgotten place and heading to an unknown destination. She just stood there resisting the current.

Winds of change, blowing through her life as she stood alone facing the tide. Her own emotions surging like the waves of the ocean, overwhelming, completely taking over her. So much to do, so little time, she’d wasted her life in an endless strife to be the best, be the king, make the most of everything. Yet there she was, a lost sailor who finally found her shore. Call it destiny; say it was meant to be. Like it or not her journey has neared its end, for she’s found serenity.

Inji Amr

Song of the day: Nickleback – Saving Me


4 thoughts on “My Ocean

  1. Breath-Taking .. I adore this prose.. I seriously LOVE it
    by the way. if u haven’t noticed
    I have made a PDF copy to your story “Ramblings of the disoriented mind” .. and I have put a link on my post “Indifference” – of course with your copyright .. I loved loved loved loved loved loved it … In case you wanted to put up the link to the pdf file ….

    Moreover, I have wrote a poem called “My ocean” too .. I guess it is in May 2005 archive .. I wrote it in 1998, I guess .. not as great as yours.. but It is one of my favorites ever …

    Good work Inji, I adore it

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