4 Stages of Life



16 thoughts on “4 Stages of Life

  1. Wow, That’s the most expressive pic I have seen in ages. .. this is really describe the stages of life .. I think I am in the 3rd stage .. and I am willing to hang on there for as long as I could… hehehe

    Nice blog, it is ma first visit and I adore it already!

  2. Since I drowned your ravishing blog with so so so many comments “which I think you’re bored already” .. I decided to have you on my RSS .. I am gona show up here more often on new posts .. God, You’ll have to ban me outta here to stop me from commenting 😛

  3. Wow. You are too kind. It really isn’t worth the trouble. I’ll just share my song of the day and if people (assuming anybody is reading this blog) get the urge to hear them they may .. ahem purchase the song 🙂 (thou shall not limewire lol).

  4. it is strange.. the wordpress has truncated my email address.. it is XYZ.. u can add me on msn if you like and we can talk it over .. and u will be having the same interface as wordpress.com only with more options.

  5. LooL.. well , it is not a trouble anyhow 😀 I was at wordpress.com and I hopped over to ma own hosting .. all i will do is FTP the whole folder into your new blog and import your posts .. Dats all .. no trouble at all 😀

    it is still valid if u want anytime .. and .. edit my latest comment and truncate ma email .. i dun want every one adding me on msn 😀

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