The Puppet

Tiny puppet crafted from wood
Hanging by my many strands
A puppeteer masterful and skilled
Controls my moves with his hands

The curtains slowly opened
Revealing a very colourful set
I moved to his every wish
As the play lines were read

As the story slowly unraveled
I started to believe it was true
That I was the star of the story
Its creator, its director, its hero

I lived the fantasy that I created
Taking actions, becoming stronger
Experiencing the character’s life
Just a puppet I was no longer

Then suddenly with no warning
The strings were cut and I began to fall
Into the unknown darkness below
Weak, defenseless and not in control

With a thud I landed on the floor
The applause set the stands on fire
As the curtain hit the stage
I lay there….broken…



Photo courtesy of Sou (


3 thoughts on “The Puppet

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  2. Mr. Muscles Posing in a Greek Mythology .. wow … Sou really made this guy popular.. do u think he would need an agent or a stylist ?

    I mean, he surely has a BRIGHT future among the blogsphere .. I think we should make him a gallery site or anything .. the guy needs some propaganda!

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