I’ve Got The Power!


When a person falls in love with us we are given a great power. That person relinquishes to you control over their life, or at least the part of their life who’s control is still left up to them and which isn’t controlled by society, family, norms, religion, stereotypes and political correctness.

You my friend; the object of their affection have now got the power (can’t seem to loose the tune.. disco is back 😉 ) Their love for you gives you the ability to raise them to 7th heaven, make them the happiest people alive, and it also enables you to hurt them like thy have never been hurt before.

Like the Spidermen movie trailer reminds us “With great power comes great responsibility”. So use that power wisely, try your best not to break their hearts, remember that someday it shall be you who is giving away some power.


Song for the day: 3 Doors Down – Here By Me


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