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Young doctor sits at his desk wondering about the odd case he’s been monitoring for a month now. Such a vibrant young girl, such a shame her life was this complicated and this sad. She really believed she had the ability to leap into other people, taking over their lives for short whiles. Such a vivid imagination!!

Newspaper thrown on his coffee table headlines read:

“Soldier found dead in surprise night raid on city in southern Gaza”
“Riots erupting all over the Arab street”
“Wolf spotted in downtown Nowheresville”
“Crazy woman claims she was abducted by aliens”
“Poachers caught in Central Africa, young tribesman made hero”

The End


12 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. amazing stuff, juka…really creative.

    and i especially like the way you switched between scenes…if it’s ever gonna be a movie the director won’t have a hard time thinking of something new.

    i can honestly tell you i couldn’t stop reading once i started, which rarely happens to me.

  2. If this ewas to be produced as a film it’d probably be the most expensive film ever, with your multitude of worlds!
    I love the transitions – when you expect them the least. And it’s ever more interesting because you realise that you end up completely expecting the next ‘jump’ as if this were the most normal thing in the world…
    Bravo, bravo!!

  3. Juka. You’ve got talent!

    Appeal to the masses? you know what would appeal to the masses?

    If you somehow snowflake this and add more scenes to it, and if they complain about it being depressive, well, Sina can leap into happy beings, not necessarily ones that suffer or whom are in pain.

    People tend to lean to emotion, add some love and happiness and you’ll see, like (and of course you can beat me to way better things) Sina being a bride, then a groom (in a different image totally), Sina can navigate into the wilderness (not only wolves, but animals with their complex personalities and fables), Sina can circle villages and countries, Sina can see beauty, nature. Sina can learn wisdom in her trip.

    Profile Sina in a dedicated notebook, talk to her and imagine her narrating her journey. Write her letters and imagine her writing you back.

    Believe me you can top-sell this one day, and I’d be honored to follow your postings.

    These are horizontal tellings, innately, people don’t think like that, but I do, and you can’t quite imagine how I was excited when I saw someone actually writing what I think about all the time!

    You have the ability to sketch the perfect transition without being cliched and you sure as hell have the language.

    You can do this, Juka .. you know I tried it a million times and I’ve savored its difficulty, at least I’m making progress, and I can tell you .. you just simply can.

    I’m here to support you as much as I could, hope you accept my humble input.

    Sincere wishes you linger on and make it happen, 🙂

  4. Ibhog: Wow! Long, detailed and damn sweet! Thanks! Don’t think I have it in me to stretch this one, it was destined to be a short story. Feel free to riff off the main story line and tag me, I’ll be sure to come read!

  5. It just struck me, that in a big way, your lovely support of “Ramblings of a Disoriented Mind” is the reason “To Each Her Own” ever got written and ever saw the light. I thank you all profusely.

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