Chapter Three

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AWOOOOOOO! The gruff howl echoed for miles around. I stared up at the full moon, as if seeing it for the first time. Perhaps it was not the moon but rather my eyes that were different. It’s not like I had ever been a wolf before. I scratched my ears with my rear left paw then stretched my two front paws in front of me and gave a long yawn that stretched every muscle along my spine. Amazing how accepting you become of weird things when they happen often enough. Not too long ago I was shocked to wake up a little boy and now I was perfectly resigned and comfortable with looking down at the reflection of a full-grown grey wolf. The landscape had changed too, no longer desert, instead I appeared to be in a densely forested area a couple of miles south of the city. I could hear the highway not too far away and the sound of speeding cars and screeching tires. I knew there must be a bend near by. Enthralled by my newfound sharpness of the senses I took one whiff of the air and was on the scent. Nose to the floor every now and then as I scurried between the trees avoiding the lower branches. I finally reached the highway, I moved parallel to it until I reached the city. It would be dawn soon and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was somewhere I needed to be.

My feet moved on their own along the beaten path. I arrived at what seemed to be my destination. It was a building not too far from the edge of the forest. I climbed the fire escape to the second floor window, to my bewilderment it was open, moreover, I knew it would be. That really spooked me; then again it wasn’t like I was having an ordinary day all together. I bent my head just low enough to pass through the open window and landed with a soft thud on my padded paws on the carpet in the center of the room. Everything about that apartment screamed that it was mine, yet I couldn’t imagine how. Ah the sun is about to break. I stood on my hind legs, paws on the sill watching the beauty that the lord has given to us. The majestic sun breaking the horizon, inching upwards, painting the sky a glorious shade of blue, its light penetrating the darkness. I suddenly felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground, writhing and yelping and gasping for breath. Once the convulsions were over I was human once again. I carefully got to my feet as the Warewolf of Nowheresville headed for the shower.

I must have landed on my foot at an uncomfortable angle on what already was a damp floor, or perhaps it was the exhaustion of the day, irrespectively of the reason the next thing I knew I was slipping to fall on my back on the warewolf’s cold ceramic floor.

The neon light above looked blurry but bright, perhaps too bright. I squinted my eyes as I tried to focus, the blinding light forcing me to close them again. There was something harsh, almost unnatural about that light. I was finally able to open my eyes. I tried to prop my body up using my elbows only to discover I was tied down somehow. I tried twisting my neck to the right to see what it was holding my arms down only to find that my head as well was fixed into position. I couldn’t look right, left or anywhere other than into that glaring light above me. Horror movie flashbacks!! I couldn’t imagine where I was, or what I was doing there. Chances are I’m a warewolf no longer, but where in the world had I leaped to this time!!

I felt a cold metal object press to my side. My panic levels were soaring. To the best I could figure I was strapped down to a bed in an extremely well lit room, that could have been in a hospital somewhere, and someone… something, was about to operate. They hovered around me, talking amongst them in a tongue I had never heard before; it seemed like just background music, like they were humming as they worked. The bed started rotating and the next thing I knew I was tilted at a 45 degree angle with a full view of the room. I couldn’t tell if we were aboard a spacecraft, in Area 51, or on a whole different planet. One thing for sure, this was alien territory.



2 thoughts on “Chapter Three

  1. Very interesting piece so far. It’s good to see people using blogs for stories like this. Some descriptions are excellent, though it can be disorientating at times about exactly what is going on. Although, i guess that may well be the point. Is there symbolism or meaning behind the different things she becomes?

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