The Beginning

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The Beginning

Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sina Hbous. I’m pretty much your average Jane. I’m an Arab who grew up living all over the globe; my father was a diplomat and had finally returned home. I had majored in Economics at University and am now working, thanks to my fathers connections, at the office of a prestigious Minister in our newest cabinet. I’m 5 foot 6, or is it 6 foot 5; I was never any good at the metrics, with light brown hair and quizzical eyes. At least that’s how Adam describes them. Ah yes, Adam is my significant other, an ambitious young man whom I met in university. First we shared classes and soon enough we were sharing a life. Adam made my monotonous life slightly more bearable.

This was one such hectic day, it seemed I did nothing all morning but run around from office to office delivering papers, confirming meetings, relaying messages, etc.. Donkey work if you ask me, had they had any common sense they would have used the USAID money more wisely and digitized this whole place. Gave it the good once over and we’d all be walking around with Blackberrys. Imagine that, the century old employees who are stead fast to their papers and pencils attempting to make sense of handhelds; the image brought a smile to my face.

I was finally at the door of the archive. I had knocked and announced myself yet the familiar deep-throated welcome had not come. I hung around for a bit then ventured another knock. Having given up on being invited in; I held the brass handle of the gigantic oak door and turned, I had to put a little shoulder into it because it’s a real heavy door. They don’t build buildings the way they used to. The inside of the room was unnaturally dark, no light could penetrate it and there was absolutely no visibility. I guess that’s what the insides of prophet Yunus’ whale was like. Ah well, no guts no glory, I’d be creamed if I returned without a copy of that presidential decree, so I took a step inside.

WOAH!!!! I was falling; it was as if I had stepped off the edge of the cliff and was now falling… falling. I flailed around with my arms and legs. Suddenly I felt it, a heavy weight on my back; I was carrying some sort of backpack. Above me I heard a scream GERONIMO. I looked up, a parachuted solider jumped out of a plane right above me. I looked around there were several such soldiers free diving all around me breaking the stillness of the night. The person next to me screamed into my ear hurry now it will be dawn soon. I checked my watch, instead of my sleek Guess there was this bulky ugly thing, yet it confirmed his statement. Then I caught my reflection in the watch surface. Dear Lord. I’m not me. I’m a soldier. I’m one of them. I’m free falling over Arab territory and I’m one of the bad guys.

I yanked my parachute string as if I had done it a million times before and then endeavoured to execute a perfect landing. I stood there packing up my chute in complete bewilderment. I had a gun. They all had military rifles, and we were approaching a city before dawn. Those bastards, a night attack on innocent civilians. Stealthily they crept, and then one of them tripped over what must have been a local alarm system. Screams, sirens, gun fire, I jumped in the middle of the fray. I’m not sure I got to fire a single shot but I had been hit. I was dying. I passed my gun to one of the local boys. Don’t let them win.



4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hallo,

    Wow, somebody who actually knows Sina.

    Hmm. I’m not Sina, but we are friends and after completing this story I took her permission to name the starlet after her and she was cool with it.

    She lives down the street if you’d like me to relay a message.

  2. yes ,i do know her from lebanon.
    who r u ? r u her friend from eygpt or u work with her ?
    so u r the writer ,,i c ..
    thx anyway 🙂

  3. Yeah. I’m a friend of hers in Egypt. We worked together for a year and a half. She’s excited that I’ve stumbled upon somebody from the AUB crowd. Anything particular you’d like me to pass on to her?

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